Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

Hello! I am back in UKM already. Here is the post bout my Chinese New Year celebration last month. I know this is very very very de late. I am sorry. Was caught some with work and some other things. Minta maaf ya!

I went back on the 11th Feb, three days before CNY. There was nothing much to do until the eve of CNY itself. Like every other year, me and my family goes to the night market which is only available during the eve of CNY eve which sells all the foodies for the reunion dinner on CNY eve. Confusing? :P

The crowded night market at Foh Sang.

CNY EVE : 13 February 2010

Me and cousin Anna made the decoration for cousin Geraldine's 18th birthday cake. We bought two cakes, stack em' up and decorated them the whole afternoon. The outcome? Not bad okeh, go check my facebook! :P
Fooooooooooooodddddddddddd during reunion dinner.

Manicure and pedicure services in da house!! Dijamin puas hati! Free of charge okie :D

CNY (1st Day) : 14 Feb 2010

My brother "attending" CNY mass at Mary Immaculate :)

Me and bro in the car camwhoring while waiting dad to try his luck with lotto.
Went back to kampung that morning after breakfast. TRADITION. I spend my CNY here every year. And this one, warming up for camwhoring sessions with a few cousins.
The girls getting ready to look their best that day.

Ketam-ketam itu semestinya.

Group photo :) My cousins from my mum's side of the family.
Lunch of the day. FOOD.
Does this look familiar to you? This is the same dish that was served during the reunion dinner during CNY eve. A chinese (Hakka) delicacies named Kiu Nyuk" - pork and yam. Yummy ok!
Ever classic steamed chicken.
Stewed arrowheads with pork. The same dish served every year during CNY.
Dad's favourite. Don't know the name :P
Went to cousin's boyfriend's place somewhere far out which I couldn't remember the name of the place. Nice paddy field view as background :P

Gambling session that went on for the whole day.
Nothing significant bout this pic. I just like it :P

What is CNY without boom boom fire crackers and fire works? :P
CNY (2nd Day) : 15 Feb 2010

Another makan session at home and the boys are preparing the food. Chef, chef-to-be and potential chef.

Cars occupying the parking space at home.
My new addiction THIS YEAR.

CNY (3rd Day) : 16 Feb 2010

Day our with cousins at 1Borneo.
FIRST TIME any lion dances troupe reaches my house. And yes I am excited!
I enjoyed my CNY celebration this year. As a matter of fact, I didn't even remember it was Valentine's Day. My CNY mood overwhelmed my lovey dovey mood. Nonetheless, it was still great to get together with everyone though I didn't get any chocolate nor any bouquet of flowers *hint hint*. What bout yours? How was your CNY aka Valentine's Day celebration? I hope yours was as fantastic as mine. After all, I believe it is the company you have with you that matters more than anything else. All the makan-makan and laughter sessions, they were amazing. But without your love ones, they are pretty meaningless. Agree? :)


  1. wah.... nyam2... so delicious that food.... makes me craving for it.... huhuhu

  2. [Sejati Sarawak] memang sedapp.... must tryy :D



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