Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who. Not What.

Hello darlings. I am currently in Singapore babysitting for my cousin. Indeed, my cousin Tem who lives in Singapore decided to fly me over from Malaysia to babysit his two girls cuz he has to attend a dinner with his wife and they couldn't get any babysitter. I arrived on Wednesday and I am flying back tomorrow afternoon.

I was just walking in the mall this late morning after brunch and I came across something that was pretty insipiring.

"It is not WHAT you have that matters, it is WHO you have that counts."

What do you think? :)

The moment I saw that, there was this gush of feeling in me to shout out loud to my friends and family that I LOVE YOU all. I am not a very expressive person (I think). I might not show my feelings often. However, do know that I appreciate each and every one of you because every bit of you people make up the pieces in my life. Hugs.


  1. nice one Bren..:D *HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* wana go SG la weh.....sob sob....

  2. [joyce] i love you joyceyy!! i wanna go melacca!! hohoho

  3. Wow.punya bagus ko bren.psl jd babysitter ja trus fly p niceeeeee.haha.imagine if your cousin is not in singapore but in some other place like Hawaii or New wud be waaaay nicer kan.ahahah.hugs2 bren.

  4. [steffy] hehehe nda la. kalo jauh jauh g2, manalah mau import babysitter dr cni lagi. hohoho but not bad also la. swimming berabisan bah di condo tu :P and i love you to fren!! lama didnt see u d!! hope you are doing great!!!

  5. i love you too!! :-)

  6. [bridget] love you too makcik :-*



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