Monday, March 22, 2010

Nanny @ Singapore

Here's a post bout the babysitting trip in Singapore I mentioned earlier.

I never fly any international flight from KLIA before and I didn't know that the boarding hall was a different building hence it was quite a distance from the main terminal that you need to take train in KLIA itself. I know that KLIA is big, but now I know it is BIGGER.
A snapshot from the plane. I love the sunray in the pic. Pweettyy :P
My cousin stays in a condominium named Waterplace and here is the water view you get from his place up at the ninth floor.

The kids love it here. I love it here too. This is heaven with such hot weather back then.
Would you just look at the exited-cause-i-am-going-swimming faces?

My vain moment :D
Their excited moment. Jessica and si kici Mikayla.
Jacuzzi *loves* Try dipping yourself in this for 15 minutes then jump to the pool! ;P
Night view of Singapore city from Esplanade (I think! Forgot the name of that place >.<)

There was a show going on there. Free show. Mikayla didn't like the loud noise though. Terpaksalah we balik.
And here are the food. I stayed home most of the time. Didn't get to go out a lot. So, I get mostly homecook food :) Thanks for Jie Jie Caroline.

Mikayla only likes this for the longan. Don't know the name. How did my cousin ordered this? He looks at the picture and the says out the number.
Ever classic cendol *loves*
Chicky wingy :)
My favourite. My favourite! Hokkien mee!
According to my cousin, Tem, this is the Siam noodles which cannot be found in Malaysia. Here, we only have mi Thailand T_____T
Had lunch at this awesome restaurant at Parkway Parade.
Mikayla can't stop laughing after editing her own pic.
It was fun taking care of these lovely kids. Looking forward for another job if there is any more vacancy next time :P

I am currently down with influenza, thanks to Makcik Bridget for spreading the virus around my room during her few days stay here. *sniff sniff*

Till next time... God bless!


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