Friday, May 14, 2010

Malacca Part 1

Aloha!! :) Greetings from the Land of Headhunters :P I am currently in another part of Borneo Island (not home) spending my holidays before heading back to my home sweet home. As of now, I am done with my bachelor degree and my days in UKM as an undergraduate are over. Memories made throughout the years will be cherished, may they be sweet or bitter. My bad for not updating for such a long time (I think!) as the previous weeks were just insanely crazy for me due to some personal stuff. Things happen for reasons that we might not know, right? However, everything is getting better right now. Thank God for that!!:) Indeed, this month is definitely better! And yes, the upcoming month too! Looking forward for more good stuff to happen. Heeehee..

And so, I left my uni on 1st of May with Joyce back to her hometown, The Historical City, Malacca. As she needs to move everything in her room in campus back to her house including her motorbike, all her stuff were transfered using a lorry hired (as you can see in the picture below) and we both went to Malacca following the lorry uncle. Hehe. My first time going up a lorry okei! Look at the sakai face in the pix below!! :P

Traffic was congested that afternoon and it took us longer than usual to arrive Malacca. To make things "better", weather was hot and we sweat like pigs (Ei, pig sweat ka?Teeehee).

We arrived at Joyce's late in the afternoon. We took our rest before heading out for our first makan session, sate celup :D This is one of the famous food in Malacca where you get to pick whatever you wanna eat and dip in into boiling sate sauce - something like luk-luk lah... the self service steamboat thingy.

We went to the restaurant near Joyve's house and I was told that this place was featured in the newspaper before. But the boss a bit LC unfriendly loh I feel :P No biggie though. Hehee... 

So how exactly does this thing work??

1. Pick your sticks of food you want. There are a lot of choices to pick from ranging from vegetable to seafood as well as meat.

2. Dip your sticks into the pot of boiling peanut/sate sauce in the middle of the eating table.

3. Check your food if they are cooked. It shouldn't take you too long.

 4. Take them out if they are ready to be eaten. And then... EAT!!! Ok. I know this picture looks (a bit) disgusting but it is yummmy!!! You havn't been to Malacca if you havn't try this out!!
5. Once you have identified the ones that you like more, go to the fridge and pick out more food. For Joyce, her favourite is this cute lil cartoon fishball/fishcake (The second pic below doesn't show the shape of a ball right? Kekeke...)

And yes, that's the way to enjoy your sate celup! Heehee..

For the rest of the night, Joyce was busy writting down the plans for the next few days of my stay and I was busy camwhoring :D

Part of my itinery ^^

The first day was the day to tour around the city area. Here are some selected pics :)

Santo Cruz Chapel. It was said that a boy had a vision about the location of this holy place.

Oldest chinese temple in Malaysia. Forgot the name. Paiseh!

One of the mosque in the city. Forgot the name also. But hey! Notice the very chinese looking design of the building? Something unique bout the mosques in Malacca that most of their designs are very chinese looking I felt. More squarrish compared to roundish. Hehehe..

Ever famous Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball and a not-so-famous coconut.

 Portugese egg tart <3 Inside this same shop, I changed my RM17 worth of coins that I have been collecting during the uni days for the purpose of water vending and washing machines.

Ever classic durian cendol. Loves!!!!

Some of the old displays in the city.
The handmade nyonya bead shoes. These shoes are pretty costly alright.

On the side note, I realise that I appreciate the cultures of the peranakan (baba and nyonya) more after watching the the Singaporean series "Little Nyonya". Go watch the series. It is pretty fascinating :) I am even more fascinated to see those old houses and some other cultures that are still alive up to this day.

One of the well used by Cheng Ho during those early days. This well is preserved in Cheng Ho museum and apparently still working. It has not dried up after so many years!

Replica of the kincir air during the days of the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka if I remember correctly. This one is situated in the middle of the city somewhere at the side of the Malacca River.

Soya Bean Bukit Cina. You get variety of soya bean milk or tau fu fah in here. Below are the soya bean special and tau fu fah with longan.

Crossout! CROSSOUTS!!! :D

Will blog bout the rest of the trip next time. Keep coming back for more interesting pics :P And yes I am a happy child. I am happy because I WANT TO BE HAPPY! Weeeeee :) :)


  1. is Cheng Hun Teng ~ the oldest temple and the street u din introduce ~ is Jalan Tukan Besi...:D *Hope that I am correct too >_< hahaha....and that street itself has 1 chinese temple, 1 mosque, 1 hindi temple and 1 more Taoist temple...=)

  2. [joyce] noted!!! very complicated bah the name. hehehe



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