Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Malacca Part 3

And here comes the last part of my Malacca trip. Bear with me as this is a slightly longer post compared to the previous ones as I want to finish this once and for all.
And so, the third day became more awesome with the presence of Eileen whom just came back from Tioman Island and decided to stop by Malacca before heading home. Me and Joyce picked her up and we went to the zoo. It started to drizzle when we were halfway done with the path in the zoo. Since this is the biggest zoo in Malaysia, the path was not exactly that short. You would have to finish the whole path to exit.  And just suddenly, it decided to go heavier and we had to look for shelter and wait. The zoo was rather depressing though, macam tiada orang saja dalam tu... maybe because it was a weekday?? Hhmm... and they didn't have student's price. That suck! Lol, that is me being a cheapo :P teehee~~

Had coconut shake special before picking Eileen up

My second glass of the day :D

Yes, this is the proof I have been to Malacca Zoo :P

Are my eyes sunglasses as big as the owl's eyes? :D

Some other animals which three of us were reminded of some friends. *cough cough*

In the evening, we went for coconut shake again and I had my third glass! :P Slrrpp!! 

Went for Malacca River Cruise at night. The night view was pretty!!!

While waiting for the cruise to start, us three had super retarded camwhoring session. So yes, the excessive retardness relates to the heavy watermark :P

Went to the center of the city again for some picture taking around those red buildings.

Taken by one handsome cute guy that was there with his bunch of friends. *heart melts* :P
Supper - popiah basah and prawn mee

The next day, it was tour around the city again. Breakfast first of course - prawn mee and fishball mee again. I have to say, after few days with Joyce, I have to conclude that she is a fishball noodles fanatic. See how she worships the noodle :P

Joyce brought Eileen to the places she brought me few days ago. So practically, I visit some of those places twice :)

The famous Kota A' Farmosa

A memorable spot in the ruins of St. Paul's Church during the exco planning camp during 2008 ;)

Mee Siam at another baba nyonya eatery for our late lunch

Rojak :)

Cendol to quench thirst on such hot sunny day! I prefer the first one I had though :P
At night, we went for another round of sate celup and shells at the same places. Full satisfaction! :D Weee!!~ There is only one word to sum up this visit:  AWESOME!! Indeed this one was one good getaway that I desperately needed. Took my mind off some things I didn't want to think bout though there were some interrupted moments. Hhehehe... Thanks Joyce! :D You were awesome!!! Come to KK and I will be your tour guide. Anytime!! And again, I am a happy child. Not for anyone else, but for myself cause I know I deserve this happiness. My reward for myself :)

Another version of this trip can be found by another storyteller by Tour Guide Joyce herself, click here :) And again ka ka ka, thank you :)

Stay tuned for more updates! Keep coming back cuz I got more stuff to blog, if the connection here permits me that is. Till then, take care and God bless. 

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  1. hahahah.....i keep smiling and laughing throughout the post eh...ka ka ka....quack quack quack...ohyea, forgotten..Greetings from the Merlion City!!! ello!!! me just reach here in this Merlion City..:D ohyea, the zoo is the second largest eh..>_< hahahha....miss u guys so much liao....:P
    welcome welcome la....*shy shy* hahahaha.....ok, will be there in KK one day and u better go back and survey the food first..:D big eater eh.... hahahah



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