Monday, May 17, 2010

Malacca Part 2

And here, the story of the historical land  continues.... :)

Second day started with a visit to St. Peter's Church which I was told to be the oldest church in Malaysia. Oldest catholic church I assumed. Anyway, I was once told that one gets three wishes whenever he/she visits a new church. This was the third new church I visited in Malacca (second one was the church I went with Joyve and her mother for Sunday mass) and so I had NINE wishes to be granted altogether. Heheee..

Inside the church

Outside the church compound with the faithful car that brought me all around Malacca.

A vehicle that brings you for tour around the city and this goes into the water too which also works as a boat just like the one in Singapore. Quack quack!!

Menara Taming Sari

Nyonya food which I forgot the name of this side dish

Nyonya laksa

Nyonya fried noodle

Old time favourite nyonya cendol

Went to one of the old baba nyonya which was converted to a hotel
Nyonya museum which photos were not allowed inside. This museum was once the house of a wealthy baba nyona family. I curi ambil gambar of the guest house of this place though.
Eye On Malaysia which was once in Titiwangsa

Went to new Jusco Jaya and I got myself the new doughnut flavour of J.Co *ecstatic*

After some shopping in Jusco, we went and pick up Joyce's dad from work and spotted beautiful sunset on the way and went chasing it to get a good photo. 
A super retarded picture of us both while waiting for her dad.
Ended the night with the most awesome thing. This place is something I have never done before, nor have I tried before. The siham, lala, snails seafood or should I say shells were cooked and served to be eaten with some secret-recipe sauce. Not everyone would like this but I loved this. Teeheee~~

The kerang (siham) which was the highlight of the day.

SIPUT SAWAH!! I didn't have enough guts to eat this :P
Super delicious rojak

That wraos up my superb second day in Malacca :) For the rest of the days, stay tuned! By the way, I went to Tepin for a barbeque in the jungle with Bridget and the rest and the friends here in Belaga. Had an awesome time with some brand new experiences. Will blog bout it soon. The connection here doesnt seem to help much for me to blog :P

(",) To be continued... 


  1. Yee, is 3 wishes per church eh, so you have nine altogether..:D *but i think you give me the right to fully use your wish opportunities kan?*:D hahaha.....Duck tour ~ ka ka ka was born there!! and the nyonya food that you have forgotten the name is ~ Pai Tea...:D *must try dear all, is nice!*

  2. [Joyce]corrected my sentence liao. and yes you can use my wishes la if u want. i hadiahkan some to you :) and yes!! kakaka!! hohooo *hungry thinking bout the food* and i miss u liao!!!



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