Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

NI HAO! :D Greetings everyone.

How was your new year celebration? Were you out celebrating or partying with your friends? I bet those taxpayer's money fireworks at 12am were amazing! Bright and beautiful :D Unfortunately, I didn't get to see any of them. I was back having my new year countdown in my depressing UKM with my very-not-depressing friends :P Lifeless. I know. But but but... it is the company that matters more than anything else, isn't it? (I know. I am just trying to defend myself heheeee~) Therefore, I am proud to say that I spent my very last moment of year 2009 with great friends eating kuaci and peanuts while waiting for the moon to turn blue AND IT DIDN'T TURN BLUE PUN!!! >.<|| It was said that the moon was suppose to turn blue due to some phenomenone that night. Tipu one. Bulan yang sangat putih saja saya nampak.

Oh well. Don't care la that. Here are some pics from my christmas celebration. Like I said earlier, it is the company that matters most. It was just a simple dinner with the Chong clan - simple dinner with ♥ ones :)

Christmas Eve
The night of christmas eve was spent in church celebrating mass - St. Simon Church, Likas
Went for supper at Foh Sang - some prawn mee addicts needed their dose.

Camwhoring session

Christmas Day

Christmas tree with lotsa prezzies for everyone.
Food food food!

Super loved ones

Santarina giving prezzies. Look at those excited faces.

Christmas present comes in red angpau too :D Practical, no?
How was your Christmas? :)
Tell me tell me!

P/S: I am back in campus already. My final semester!! I don't like you oh assignments, thesis, meetings etc... shoo shoo!

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