Monday, January 4, 2010

Confession of A Shopaholic

I am Brenda.
I am a shopaholic.
In three days time, I 'harvested' quite a number of stuff from the malls.

Oh Sg. Wang,
Oh Times Square,
Oh Midvalley,
How I hate thee for emptying my pockets,
How I hate thee for those urges of getting the things,
You made me hate and love thee at the same time.

My goodies. Harvesting is fun and painful at the same time.

Started with one slipper one day.
Ended up with additional of 3 heels 2 slippers another day.

My new loves.

I heart this the most. Item of the week :D
Mind my fat leg please >.<

I feel Rebecca Bloomwood from the movie Confession of A Shopaholic now.
Therefore, again, I am Brenda and I am a shopaholic.

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