Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mathematicians Steamboat-ing

Ni hao! :D

January is coming to an end. Time flies faster when you want to want to clock to tick slower, no? Life as a student here has been the same for the for the past one month - assignments, meetings, classes. However, I am enjoying my time table this semester. This is the best time table I ever had! I am pretty free semester for more non-academic activities, like steamboat session with fellow coursemates :D This was a simple gathering we had among the maths students ranging from the first year to the final year students in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year. Tuan Yuan Fan (Reunion la konon! Semangat ley... I know :P) Venue: Kian Yoong's house :) Thanks for having us.

It started with a journey to Serdang around 6 plus. 3 cars. One literally drifted in the middle of the busy road because of skill tail-gating yang tidak seberapa itu hohoho. *SALUTE*
Part makanan yang belum dimasak :) A lot of food that night okeh!
Some random snapshots

Electricity went off due to excessive power usage >.<" We had to eat in the dark! To make things "better", it started to drizzle in the middle of the session and we had to move the things indoor. Just great.
Nonetheless, happy birthday to our host!!!! :D
And the cake was awesome! YUMMY!!
Classic group photo. And I am loving my cammie for the multishots function! *wink*

Food of the day! We are in CNY mood already!!! :D
Ended the day with a game. Everyone laughed. Everyone seems like they were enjoying themselves. It was a good day - filled with laughter and food. Thanks to everyone who made it there. Lets do this again!! Weeeeeeee~~

*psssstttt....* I am going for steamboat session again today with fellow CSS excos. Hohoho. Macam mana lah tak gemuk kan? :P Ah well, kata Gnet:

"... as long as you are happy"

Good day people! Take care :)

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  1. AS LONG AS YOU ARE HAPPY!! Let's stuff our tummies with more food today! ohohohoho



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