Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Land of Hornbill - Part 1

Hohohooo!! Christmas is just around the corner and I believe most of you are busy doing preparation. Putting up the christmas tree. Decorating the house. Baking cookies. Ahhhh.... christmas has always been one of my favourite ocassion ;) I hope the same goes to you. Teehee~

Here are the pictures about my trip in Sarawak which I promised. However, I have to start with the second half of my trip first. You see, the problem lies in the pics taken during the first half of my trip there. I had to transfer out the pics cuz my memory card was full. Unfortunately, makcik Bridget missed the folder of photos when she was transferring me files. I will get it back soon when she is back from KL. At the moment, lets just enjoy what we have right now ;P There will be less words, more pictures. Bear with me.

Kampua Mee Sua


Kompiah - Foo Chow food :)

Fish & Chips from Manhattan Fish Market

The Spring Mall

We watched The Christmas Carol 3D movie at the Spring Cinema one of the night. Not a good idea. It was blurry and it gave me some dizziness. Did I mention they were using BOMBASTIC english, the one they use in literature? There were no subtitles to help me out :( Susah didengar dan difaham.

The best kolo mee I've tasted during my whole trip.
Mount Singai
A uber huge spider we saw on the way down Mount Singai.

One of the thing in the museum that amazed me. One of the record books during the British Colonial. JUST LOOK AT THAT HANDWRITTING - as if they are typed out in computer >.<||

St. Joseph Cathedral

One of the roundabouts. Don't they just look 'cute'? :P

SPICY mee which I couldn't stand. I was having a hard time swallowing those noodles.

Miao miaw
My RM10 fish and chips!!! Dirt cheap okeh!!! Sedap summmore!!
Friendship Garden. I saw hantu. See the one circle in red :P

Bambangan in Sarawak!!!

Kolo mee

That is all for now. Sorry for the brief details. Will update again on the rest of the trip as soon as I get those pictures in hand. Till then, stay tuned! Happy holiday!!! Jingle, jingle, jingle all the way. Hohhoohoohoo~~~



  1. Wow.. amazing handwritting they had!!~~
    Hahaha.... i tot it is font that type out from computer...

    Anyway... nice trip u having... n lotsa yummy food!!~~ >.<" i am so jealous... Hehe...

    C ya soon!!~ Enjoy!!~~~

  2. [Elise] hehehe exatly wat i was thinking. i think that was the only thing that amazed me in the museum heheheee. u enjoy ur holiday too owkieee!! see you soon. i am sure i am having good time urself now :D

  3. i din get to eat kompiah...=( ohyea, is a church at mount singai there?is it along the riverside or wat???cause my mum saying there is a church something like surrounded by water or near the riverside and is very famous......

  4. [Joyce] go n makan la the next time go there. hehe. there is a church there but it kinda look abandoned though. its deep in the jungle, don't think there is a river up the hill hehehe. u gota ask the sarawakians bout that hehe

  5. church surrounded by water or near de riverside. hmmmmmmm.... hmmmmmm.... can't think of any churches like dat leh. lol, i fail as swakians. :-p
    spicy mee is my favourite!!

  6. [Bridget] hehehe u memang fail! :P but stil i enjoyed my trip. thanksssss!! hugss!!

  7. wow..kolo mee is always the best.can't wait to fly bck this thursday... and of course the lovely Mt. Singai..

  8. [Anonymous] hehee yup yup. alot of other nice food. who is this btw ya?



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