Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Land of Hornbill - Part 2

Hello hello! How was your christmas? How was your holiday? Better enjoy it while it last cuz holiday is coming to an end for most of us and I believe it has already ended for some people. Nonetheless, I think we are still in the holiday mood, aren't we? Everybody LURVES holiday :D

Here are the leftover photos from my trip in Sarawak that day. Let us KISS this time okie cuz I am pretty lazy right now. Not that smooching kiss kiss lah. Keep It Simple and Short :P I sincerely apologize for my laziness teeeheee~

St. Anthony Church, Sarikei - The sheep is kissing my butt :P

Taman Tasik, Sarikei

Pineapple! Apparently Sarikei town is famous for pineapple. Unfortunately, I didn't get to taste any. I had a lot of dabai fruit though. Forgot to take picture >.<||

Makcik Bridget forced me to try the rice in Sugarbun (macamlah nda pernah makan :P) since Sugarbun in KK no longer exist after they bancrupt already :P

I am in Guardian store!! One and only Guardian store in Sarikei >.<>

Had a day trip to Sibu and met up with some pakcik and makcik :D Makcik Connie jadi driver beta for the day! :D Heheeee
Stayed in this hotel I went to Sibu many many years ago - year 2002 if I am right where dad drove from KK to Kuching for uncle's engagement party. Stayed one night in Sibu in this hotel AND THAT IS ALL I REMEMBER ABOUT SIBU :D

Stopped by Julian's house to harrass his doggie. Damn adorable okei. Macam patung saja lehhh!!! I know you are jealous Gnet :D

Taman Jubilee, Sibu

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sibu.
Same same like KK one - Sacred Heart also. Hhehee.

Drove to Kuching after spending a few days in Sarikei. Stopped by Lachau for a break sekejap. I don't know what does Lachau means in Sarawak (Bridget said it is some sorta bad word) but I do know it sounds similar to something obscene in Sabah :P If you don't know and you want to know, come come ask me lah :)

Kanak-kanak tua yang riang :D

I saw bambangan and tarab fruits for sale in Lachau town!!!!! Dad told me they can only be found in Sabah -.-

Stopped by Serian just to snap photo with the durian and toilet break LOL :P
Buffet dinner at Four Point Hotel (The Eatery) the very night I arrived Kuching.
Buffet = Unlimited salmon :P~

Majlis Perbandaran Kuching Selatan (MPKS) building

Like what you can see in the picture, this is the DUN building of Sarawak yang teramat sangat sangat mewah.

Sarawak city view at the back :)

Me and Bridget's sister

Selamat datang ke Bandaraya Kuching :D

The ever famous waterfront in Kuching.

Kuching dengan kucing-kuchingnya

Mei you liao, mei you liao. FYI, I'm currently enjoying my remaining days in KK to the fullest. Going back to uni in four days time. Will post up some christmas pics soon.

Till then.



  1. wow, wat a memory lane. I had so much fun during the holidays. yeap, sad it is ending soon, let's go for a holiday again!! soon! :-p

  2. [Bridget] I know I know. This is my best holiday of all my semester break holidays. Thanks for such having me. Can you have me again for my next visit there? :P And yes!! Holiday again soon :D go plan go plan! I know you like to plan :)

  3. of course!! come again. bring you around to eat more food. there are lots that you haven't try yet.

  4. the dogs!!
    *make plans to steal them*



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