Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our 21st Birthday Celebration

I just came back from The Land of Hornbill today. Crashed makcik Bridget's house in Kuching and Sarikei. Indeed a great getaway! Feeling pretty sad to leave though. Don't know when do I get to see this makcik again. Sigh. However, thank you for having me for so long makcik :D I enjoyed my stay veli veli much. Since you provided such good hospitality, mind having me over again next time??? Heheeeee...

I am sorry that this is so belated like my belated birthday celebration. Was pretty busy enjoying my holiday :P By the way, I turned 21 more than a month ago. My cousin Anna turned 21 more than a month ago, too. But heck! We still demanded for a birthday celebration :P Amboi.... mengada betul kan?? I had my real birthday celebration during my real birthday but it was nothing big. It was just a simple dinner among close friends. Read about it here.

At the end of last month November, me and Anna had a combined birthday celebration for the two princesses of the Chong family. Our TWENTY-FIRST birthday party!! Yuppiieeee!!!!! Party guests were just family members. Let me introduce you a formula here.
Aunties+Uncles+Cousins=Full House
Family members from dad's and mum's side if enough to occupy my whole house. Isn't it great to have such big family? You don't have to worry about your guest list. Your party will never be empty *wink wink* ;P

Macaroni cheese prepared by my bro.

What is a BBQ party without lambs and chicken wings, agree not?

Salad. Come come eat healthy.
Tuaran noodles which makcik Bridget LURVES much :DD"Birthday cake" and sushi prepared by cousin Timothy who is currently working in a Japanese restaurant. Awwwww.... SALMON for me *saliva dripping*

My birthday cake by Anna. Heart heart heart so much!!!! HUGGIESSS!!!! WWWWWWWWEeeeeeeee!!!!!
Tidak sampai hati potong the cake okeh!! :(

But what to do leh. What needs to be done, needs to be done. Farewell princess~~ >.<||
My chef-to-be brother
Brenda and Belinda :P
Me and Anna with the girls :)

With the girls
With cousins
Prezzies from everyone
Did you spot the other princess birthday cake in the pics above? Ain't they pretty and gorgeous?? Urgghhh.. I was jumping around in joy when I first saw the birthday cakes. I was so touched with the effort by darling Anna. Thank youuuuuu!!! HUGSSSSSS!!!!

Though a month or two months passed our birthdays, it was a great for us both to get together and throw this party. Officially shouting out to everyone, WE ARE TWENTY ONE ALREADY!!! Don't worry, we are still sweet. Teeheee~~

"You know you are getting old when the candles on the cake outnumber the price of the cake."

P/S: Will blog bout my trip in Sarawak soon, if I am not lazy that is :P Christmas is coming. Weeee!! I LOVE LOVE CHRISTMAS. Jingle bells, jingle bells :P~

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