Monday, December 21, 2009

MH is more than just an airline code

Malaysia Airlines might been viewed as the best airline here in Malaysia. I do not doubt that the in flight service provided is absolutely excellent. What bout the service provided outside the aircraft? Well, I had a recent a recent experience with them. Here is an email I just sent out. Details of the whole incident is given inside the email.

"I had problem with my internet booking some time ago and I was given the reference code WMV48.

I was trying to make a booking from Sibu to Kuala Lumpur on 2nd November 2009 and I encountered error during the booking process. The payment from my bank went through but MAS didn't receive the payment. I tried calling customer service for quite some time and I still cannot get through.

I wrote a feedback form hoping to get a reply soon. I tried to call in again the next day to follow up on the case and I finally got through after waiting for more than 30 minutes. When I spoke to your staff, I was told that the booking will be canceled and the money will be refunded to me. I was told to make a new booking. Money will be refunded to me in a week time.

Two days later, I received a response to the feedback I wrote in previously saying the payment has been processed and I was issued a ticket. For your information, I am not the passenger for that booking. My friend, the passenger, had already purchased another ticket when the email came in. By then, I had two different tickets with the same passenger flying on the same flight. I called in again to solve the problem. After some time on several attempts, I got through and spoke to your staff again. She told me both tickets will be canceled again and she will issue a new ticket. The money will be refunded to me in a week time. I asked for contact number of someone I can speak directly to follow up with my case without going through the machine. I was shocked to be told that it doesn't exist. I still have to bear with the long waiting just to speak to your side. I know that a toll free number is provided to get on the line with your staff. However, please bear in mind that fixed line is not accessible to some people. The only way is to call using mobile phone. Calling toll free number using mobile is very costly. Those long waiting is causing my telephone bill to rise up high.

More than one week passed and I still haven't receive my money. I called in again to check up on my case. I was told that i had to wait for three weeks instead of one week. I could not understand how come I was told to wait for one week at the first place? It makes me wonder, don't your fellow staffs get the same information?

On the other hand, I filled up another feedback form on the 16th November 2009 to ask about this but I didn't receive any respond up to now.

One month passed. I was flying to Kuching from Kota Kinabalu and I stopped by the MAS ticketing office to follow up my case. I figured it will be easier to speak to your staff face to face at the same time to clarify the different information I received from your staffs previously mentioned. I was told to my face that there is nothing can be done in the office and I still had to call in the number. This must be a joke. The office can't do anything yet still dependent on the phone call? Does this means that your staff had to wait averagely 30 minutes to speak to another staff of yours just like I did? I presume that is the waiting time a customer on the counter needs to bear to have the person on the other line answering the call.

After nearly two weeks from the incident in the office, I called in the toll free number again as what the staff in the counter told me. To my amazement, I was told that I could settle this problem in the office on the spot. AGAIN, I had two different information given by two different staff regarding the same issue.

Fine with me. I went to the Kota Kinabalu MAS office 16th December 2009 and tried my luck again. After speaking to him, I had to email to regarding my problem. I informed him that I have done that earlier on and I have not receive any reply up to date. He suggested to send the email instead to regard my problem and a copy of the emails between him and will be sent to my email address. I agreed.

Up to this very moment as I am writing this, I still haven't receive any email regarding this issue. I am very upset with the service provided. I hope to resolve this issue soon enough before I bring this up in the newspaper. All I want is to get my money back. This problem has taken a lot of my patience away.

Just to be clear, I hope the money will be refunded to the right account. As there were two bookings made, the money should be refunded to the account from the first booking. Details of the payment made from the first booking: 02 NOV 2009, MON,22:33 from Maybank (Bill a/c : 2412025) from xxxxxxxxxxx with total amount of RM305. Receipt number is 1348231586."

Disappointed and upset with their "WORLD CLASS SERVICE". I guess their world class services are only meant of flight passengers. Let's just hope I get my money back soon. Like I said, ALL I WANT IS MY MONEY! I am so broke now and I don't like the 'pokai' feeling!!

UPDATE (22 December 2009):
I received a reply from MAS this morning via email.

Dear Ms. Chong,

Thank you for your email. We apologise for the unpleasant experience.

Referring to your email below, please be inform that the refund still not been process yet. The Call Centre staff has wrongly advice you regards to the procedure for Maybank transaction refund. For your info, our end does not entertain any cash refund. Due to that, kindly proceed to nearest MAS ticket office to obtain your refund. Please bring along the Maybank statement in order for them to assist you. We believe you have communicated with our staff at the ticketing office regards to the issue below. We have also informed the staff to assist you at their end.

Thank you,

Business Support Centre
Malaysia Airlines

This email was send without prejudice

I went to MAS Kota Kinabalu office this afternoon. The staff I spoke to didnt't seem to know what is going on when I gave my reference code, which contradicts with what was told to me in the email. After another time of explanation, I was finally convinced to get my refund back via cheque in one month time. There were complication in between but lets just drop those and see whether this gets solved in one month time. I am sick of going to and fro so many times without getting to the end of this. Time and money spent, plus those patience taken away from me just to get my money back. *SIGH*

UPDATE (31 December 2009):
Received my money before before I fly off to KL. Problem solved. Like I said, all I want is my money back. I HOPE THIS WONT HAPPEN AGAIN. What an eye-opener experience.


  1. Hi Brenda,

    Would like to update you on KNZSP that because ticket was generated, cash refund needs to be done over the counter at Malaysia Airlines ticketing office. Full refund will be given to the account holder.An email has been sent to the Kota Kinabalu ticketing office this morning.

    Don't hesitate to contact me at our MH Deals Facebook Fans page

  2. Is there anyway to change the passenger's name?

  3. I think that can be done in their offices with charges applied. Not too sure bout this :)



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