Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bite Your Shoe

I did a terribly big mistake today.

I had a crazy shopping day with Connie yesterday. It's Mega Sales =D I bought a few stuff including this brand new leather shoe from Hush Puppies. Hush Puppies says it is "one more reason to relax"...... NOT!!

You know how they say leather shoe will expand after a while? So, I bear with the pain during the first 15 minutes of walking to my 8am class this morning. After class, I really couldn't stand putting my feet back in anymore. Only then I realised I was 'bitten' by my brand new shoe. Damn! The worst part is I had use the shoe till the end of my schedules today. All I have in my mind was to have a pair of selipar falling down from the sky. Selipar buruk pun jadilah. Couldn't go back to the room to change my shoe since going back to the dorm consumes time and I had meeting pretty soon after class. After meeting ends, it was time for class. All I can think for the whole day was to spare my soul from this pain =X Steph came to rescue with her selipar tandas after class where we had dinner together at mamak. Arigato Steph =D Still, I have blisters and wounds now which also equals to pain, pain and pain. All because I took things for granted.

Most of my friends told me I should have gigit my kasut. Heard of this before but I have never done it. I usually lekat plaster when I put on new shoes. So, please teach me how do I do this.

Tell me. How exactly am I suppose bite my shoe? The front part? Or the back part? Or the heels? >.<>until berlubang so that your shoe won't 'bite' you. Show them who's the boss. Biarlah gigi patah ya!!~

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