Monday, July 27, 2009

Newbie Baby

Proudly presenting my new baby =D

I went to Midvalley yesterday and came back home with a big hole in the pocket phone. Being the indecisive me, I couldn't make up my mind after reading the reviews of so many type of different phone online. I have always wanted to change N70 to something more canggih but I didn't expect it to be any time soon. I was thinking of replacing/changing it, which means keeping the old one by not letting it fall into any shytez lubang tandas. Dilemma. I can't afford to get the one I really wanted since I am still a student and I don't get any sponsor from anyone for any phone I am buying. So, my purse was thick for 5 minutes before all the RM50 notes flew off within minutes later.

Nokia 5800 Express Music

Hope I don't regret getting this one and let's pray it doesn't fall into anywhere ok? Not to the floor, not to any sink, not to any shytez toilet bowl anymore.

*finger crossed*



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