Friday, July 24, 2009

Deep S-H-Y-T-E

This is definitely not my day.

Having to get up in the morning to stand by the booth at Pusanika, I woke up in the morning with the intention of catching the 10am bus. After getting ready and all, I rushed down to the bus stop nearer to my block. As I was near the bus stop, the bus left right in front of my eyes. "It's OK. I'll just catch the next bus 10.30am bus then."

So, I was just sitting around the bus stop looking for car rental number Gnet wanted for this Sunday's outing. After looking up and down for 15 minutes, I decided that I should move to the main bus stop (up the hill) since I have lotsa time. On my way up, I stopped by the atm machine to withdraw some money. To my surprise, my atm card was missing. As far as I recalled, it was in the card holder along with my IC and student ID. @_@ I am in deep shyte. Went back to my room and checked all the possible places and end up with disappointing result. Again, I rushed down to the bus stop again for the second time to catch the bus with the hope I will find it in either one of the two booths.

Sadly, I still can't find my cards after searching both booth. I decided to go back to my room again to search for the missing cards, for the second time. Well, sometimes things appear in the same place that I searchED when I do it the second or third time or so forth. In my room, I was looking everywhere now. Found them in the end. Hidden in my roommate's pile of things that was messed up when the mattress in my room was changed, without anyone present in the room =.= Ok, enough bout that.

Was not feeling well for the rest of the day. Went for class as usual.

Just before dinner, I went to the toilet and accidently locked myself out of my room. Went to friend's room to get my key and she was not in. So, I went for dinner first with Conee and Gnet. After dinner, I spent some time in Conee's room before returning to my room. And before I went to my friend's room to get my room key, I went to the toilet first WITH MY PHONE IN MY POCKET.

Guess what? It SLIPPED OUT of my pocket and went ALL THE WAY DOWN the shytez and urine pipe. There goes my phone now. Once again, I am in deep shyte.

Like I said, this is SO-NOT-MY-DAY =(


  1. ooohhh ohhh ohhhhhhhhhh
    i didnt know it was that bad
    i meant before the hp incident
    sometimes, the whole day is just shit for us
    but again, every dark cloud has its silver linings.
    you just have to search for those silver linings

    and you know what, i'll help you find them
    those silver linings are US of course!! hahaha
    *perasan diri kejap*

    I want to do Bridget's pig but I donno how so here goes my version --> <(-oo-)>

    Haha Fail!

  2. ooo ooo OOHHHH!!

    hehe... it was indeed a pretty bad day la. ended with some so unexpected. punyalah i wish i have my own personal toilet here like my house punya, duduk punya so even if slipped also end up on the floor jak =P on the brighter side, i get to finish up my scholarship money to get a new one. @_@ lol

    thanks anyway dear =) you guys indeed make my day better no how gloomy it is. knowing u crazy bunch is such a blessing *xoxo*

  3. LOL, same like gnet, I never think that bad....thought just ur hp nia.....OKOK, so how is it now?get to find ur cards all that?

    Take care yea dear...



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