Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The 'Ugly' Puppy

While Gnet iz was pimpin' her camera, I was pimpin' my bathroom.
I believe you are willing stay in my toilet for hours now =P~~

It was done yesterday. Now my bathroom is full of shitz heartz filled love. Ahakz~ By the way, as the picture below shows my toilet is pink though I am not pink colour no 1 fan - mum and dad handpicked the tiles for me cuz i was away when the house was built. Ah well, at least I have my own toilet though I have to jadi amah and clean my toilet myself.

So today was pretty much like the other ordinary day during the holiday. I woke up then clean up myself in my pretty toilet of mine before I stuck myself to the computer. After spending hours on the facebook some uni work, I paid a visit to my one month old puppies at the backyard.
Meet my fellow doggies at home.

Left to right: Xiao Hei, Amoi, Ayu, Cheetah

Count de puppies

Parents of the puppies: Ayu and Xiao Hei

So, did you spot the 'ugly' puppy?
What I really meant was DIFFERENT.
That particular brown puppy was different from the rest of them.
I was wondering where did the brown colour come from. Mummy? Or Daddy?
So let me clarify ok?

'ugly' = different = odd

So please don't get me wrong with the title, alright?
By the way, the puppies were sucking feeding on their mother and I recorded them on action.

Just like the story in 'The Ugly Duckling', the brown one was the odd one among the siblings. Undeniably, all 7 of them are equally cute and adorable.

Just look the puppy's eyes.
Won't you just melt like ice cream under the hot sun?

Later in the evening, me and bro went for some food in one of the restaurant in Dongonggon town for some food and drinks. I picked my cousin up who was working nearby and sent her home.

Teh C Special


Couldn't help messing with the baby my aunty was babysitting

I was distracted stunned for a minute when I was driving back home with the view from the side mirror of the car. The sunset was simply beautiful.

One word

the photo did not do much justice =(
So that was the end of today's daylight.

By the way, my days at home are numbered. Uni is starting.

P/S: I would like to dedicate this post to Gnet who LURVE doggies so much. Hope you enjoyed the waggly tails darling!


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  2. ehhe... u kerazy but cool bahhh =D i meant krazy in a nice way ekkkeke...

    its dark anyway la last nite.. hard to see them~ but yeapp they look like dat hohoho =D thanks for coming yesterday anyway hehehe!! it was a great nite =P

  3. OMG OF COURSE I DO!!!!! hahaha
    so many puppies you have there!!!!
    grrrrrr mahu picit2 them!!
    too bad ours were given away before i sempat pegang them ;/
    #!%#@^$@!@ GERAM! lol

  4. lol!! make ur doggies go ehem ehem more la! make more puppies!! my puppies macam babi.. gendut n fluffy abit, jz like de daddy =D



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