Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Welcome Back MSG

Monosodium glutamate, also known as sodium glutamate and MSG, is a sodium salt of the non-essential amino acid glutamic acid. It is used as a food additive and is commonly marketed as a flavour enhancer. It has the HS code 29224220 and the E number E621. Trade names of monosodium glutamate include Ajinomoto, Vetsin, and Accent. It was once predominantly made from wheat gluten, but is now mostly made from bacterial fermentation; it is acceptable for celiacs following a gluten-free diet.
Source: Wikipedia

So why am I talking bout MSG suddenly?

This is my first packet of instant noodles since uni life started this semester. I have been eating healthy food minus McD, Pizza and some other fast food once in a while =D for nearly a month now. Groceries including that I bought during the first week of the semester were not touched at all untill today which means I have been eating out all of the time, until today that is~~

I was a instant noodle junkie. MSG is addictive ya know.

It started during my matriculation days where instant noodles taste a lot better than the same old food that you get in Siswi Cafe or IJ Cafe in Labuan Matriculation College. Sometimes, I rather not eat anything at all. I still lotsa stock of instant noodles in my closet last time. Ask my ex-roommate if you happen to know them - Fara, A'a, Moreen. It was during this one whole year of hostel life that I started experimenting with different brand of instant noodles. Before this, the only brand of instant noodle that I know was Maggi like the other Malaysians who refers instant noodles as Maggi and chocolate drink as Milo and the list goes on. Nonetheless, I still have homecook meal every weekend...thanks to my Aunty Jane who stays in Labuan for the wonderful yummy vogok dishes.

I remember the days of my first year in UKM where instant noodles and I were best friends. Cafeteria here was the place I would visit regularly. Until today, I have not tried all the food they have there. It was also during the first year where I share my favourite 'snack' with my ex-roommate, Beckham. Mind you, I didn't stay with a guy ok. Beckham is the nickname everyone calls her. Anyway, I literally eat instant noodles every day, may it be a meal for break, lunch, dinner, supper or just snacks. However, there was an exception - I drink the soup and Beckham would eat the noodles. So, we share a packet or two of instant noodles together. Macam manalah boleh kenyang kalau macam itu. Silly~~hehehe. Those were the days. I have different roommate now with "many thanks" to the hostel adminstration here. I miss having her as my roommate. Unlike now.

By the way, I am adding more MSG into my body tonight. Me and the rest of the 9 santutz are planning to have pizza from Domino's cause Steph has discount coupons of validity till this Friday 31 July 09.

Welcome food.
Welcome cheese.
Welcome meat.
Welcome little-bit-of-vege.
Welcome mushroom.
Welcome fast food.
Welcome MSG.
Welcome fats.
Bye bye health.


  1. i thought tiba tiba MSG (Mandarin Speaking Group) alive again...:P

  2. [joyce] soli soli ah... but MSG is having something ahhhh =)

    [gnet] lai lai lai~~ lets wave bye bye to health~~



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