Thursday, July 9, 2009

UKM Here I Am

Plane took off at 7.25am, no delay (AirAsia hardly has delay nowadays I think). It was time for me to leave my home sweet home. My comfort zone. It has always been hard to start a new semester, and it's harder this semester for me. Things I am expecting could easily stress me out even before I am back in uni. Being in my final year and the commitment to two clubs in uni means I have to juggle with time properly and wisely which means less shopping and outings.

Here I am now in my hostel room. A little homesick...missing everything back at home especially mum, dad and bro. My bro bought me so many packet of nips that he told me to remember him whenever I eat them. How sweet =D LOL

To start off this semester, I had to unpack my stuff.

I had class not long after my arrival in my room then followed by meeting. After dinner and quick grocerries shopping done with Gnet and Steph, came back home and showered. Only then I have time to start arranging. By the time I was done with the necessary items, it was 1am. Off to bed though my books and notes are still in the boxes. There goes my first day of my new semester.

By the way, I got a new roommate. Heh~ My old roommate switched with this new one. I was pretty doubtful if I entered the right room when I saw those unfamiliar belongings laying in the room. The thought that came to me that time, "Maybe she just had a change of style since everything changed except for the same selipar tandas?" I was surprised when my new roommate entered while I was unpacking. I am wondering the reason behind the switching @_@ Ah well, hope it's better this time.

Eventually everything gets better when busy life starts kicking in with some stress tagging along the way. I am hoping that this semester will not be as hard as I thought it will be though I kinda doubt that will happen.
*Finger crossed*


  1. It will be fine dear, leave to HIM...HE will guide you if u sincerely pray and trust in HIM..=)



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