Sunday, July 5, 2009


High school seems like yesterday when four years passed since the last time we wore our school uniforms. Everyone went separate ways with the same aim of a promising future ahead.

Some things changed...

the face (cantik sudah atau bida sudah ehhe)
the body (kurus or gumuk sudah)
the clothes (ladylike sudah)
the topic of conversation (no more talking about the homework and mengumpat talking bout the same teachers cuz we still complain and mengumpat about our lecturers now)

Some things remained the same...

the gossips (updating each other with stories)
the hugs (our generousity of giving our hugs *trademark when meeting up*)
the burst of laughters
(cracking our jaws and have cramps on the cheeks)
the bond (friendship bonded over the years and still counting)
the teasings (ejekan which can go on forever and yet we don't take then seriously cuz we know we still love each other =D for good laughs bah)

With this

Some of the Franciscan of 2005 batch had a barbeque session at my place last Friday.
Food united us together =)

I was the kuli for the night. Burning Cooking the food, being the nice host =D
DD looks confused about dont-know-what over the food on the bbq pit (sakai kah?)
So DD decided to help me out - by staring at the food with dripping saliva.

Activities during bbq:
1. Eating
2. Drinking + promoting nescafe (cola jak tu)
3. Cam-whoring *cough*self taken pic with SLR*DD*cough*Left to right: Jen Li, Matilda, Cayc, Jennifer, CarrieGroup photo : Kim MAH, DD, Jen, Mat, Jen Li, Carrie, Cayc, Allison, Brenda CHONGDo you notice the similarities in these 2 pics?
4. Laughing
Halfway through the bbq session, the drivers were asked by dad to re-park their car dad wanted to go out. One of the driver was DD.
And as a responsible driver, she actually used signal lights to indicate where she was going to park inside my house. Tidak sempat ambil gambar though.
After filling up our perut lembu stomach with chicken wings, lamb, french fries, fried meehoon (thanks to DD), pasta(thanks to Kimmie), we cleaned up the crime scene and went to my room to chill - air cond was the attraction there.
Smiles in the room.

Laughing is our common hobby.Matilda was laughing so hard dat her face turned as red as the tomato. This is her attempt of avoiding the paparazi.I love how Cayc looks here and how she wants to take up all the space in the photo.And she wouldn't let go of my teddy bear =(Funny 'business' going in the room.
Me kutip haunting Jen Li for money =D Interesting angle though~Jen was upset cuz she had to pay up for 'protection' - kena buli by samseng.
After paying up, she became happy cuz the samseng didn't bother her anymore.
And me as the ketua Ah Long was happy with the money collection =)

After the money collection, the samseng-samseng sekalian are up to something.
Planning something big.
Look at the serious face. Up to something not good.
And here is what we came up with

Dad bought this karaoke set from Philiphines called 'Magic Sing' that has songs built in and it evaluates your singing with scores. Check out our singers' scores. It seems that Kathleen and Kate are not the only singers in the class.

I am sorry but I forgot the songs they were singing.
It was time to stop after all the screaming singing mostly of the 90s songs if I am not mistaken. Our era bah that =P I would kept my whole kampung up if the session continues.

The noise of Franciscan girls + 3 microphones

Last agenda of the night was group photo - as usual.

It was nice catching up with you girls again. As time passes, hopefully there will be more meetings like this one...with more people of course!!~

All the best to everyone who is starting their new semester. For some of us, it will be our final year. OMG! I dread the coming semester. I really don't feel like going back. Damn~! To those who are still having your holiday, enjoy every bits of it to the MAX. You will never have too much holiday, will you? =)


  1. brenda!thanks so much for letting us bulldoze ur place, it is SO good to catch up with you guys!! esp. considering how everyone still has their crazy sense of humour from the good old days!!

  2. u guys belum runtuhkan my hse enuf bah~ come again next time =D ya ya!! good to catch up wit u guys.... esp those jauh2 in UK punya bahh.... but i jadi kuli pula didnt get to kepoh enuf =P

  3. btw, could you send me the 17th pic (the one before dd's closeup picture) thru mail? i was gonna steal from here but got ur watermark pula, :P

  4. hehehe.. can bah but which one? i counted one by one twice and it points to the pic yg u swere smiling n al showed the grossed out face =P



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